Workshop: Education by Design

We invite you to take part in our 2017 workshop for accounting educators.

Following our recent engagements with BAFA, we would like to build on previously successful workshops with progressive academics, and continue building capacity and understanding of approaches and theories of designing professional education for the future.

The workshop will bring together leading educators from a number of universities for an interactive discussion on the future of accounting education and a bespoke practical sessions to build capacities in teaching staff. Through pedagogy workshops and curriculum planning and design, we explore practical approaches for developing students’ critical and creative thinking, moral awareness, and interest in the profession.

We are happy to offer two alternative days for a full-day workshop in London: 30 June and 18 July. To apply for the workshop, please complete the registration form below. We would welcome a limited number of representatives per university.

This workshop will be free for teaching university academics as this is part of the AuditFutures thought-leadership initiatives in professional education. We will expect active participation from all attendees in sharing learning, insights and contributing towards building a community of forward-thinking educators.

Workshop outline

Session I – Aims of education

We will engage in discussions to develop a vision for the future and the role of university. The session will consider our own motivations and aspirations and what challenges, trends and disruptive ideas will impact professional education.

Session II – Future Professional

We will explore the competencies and qualities that aspiring professionals would need in the future, building on the insights from the AuditFutures educational initiatives. The session will create the space to explore how education could help foster virtuous character and moral motivation in students.

Session III – Fostering Capacities

The session will provide insights and theoretical approaches from the growing field of the learning sciences and will introduce practical ideas for new pedagogical approaches, such as philosophical inquiry. We will share our research and critical take on leading international approaches to teaching in the field, which converge around the same argument for fostering critical capacities of judgment in professionals.

Session IV – Designing holistic education through curriculum, environment and pedagogy

Building on the insights from the learning sciences, we will explore methods for creating holistic conditions for the development of motivation, critical judgment and values in aspiring professionals. The session will consider the wider educational ecosystem and the role of policy and professional practice in informing educational programmes.

We have reached the capacity for both sessions! More than 40 UK universities are taking part in the sessions and we will consider offering more sessions later in the year. Please email Martin Martinoff if you’re interested.