Professional ethics in a modern world

Highlights from the Accountancy Salon hosted in collaboration with PwC and featured Gilly Lord (PwC), Philippa Foster Back CBE (Director of the Institute of Business Ethics), Rona Chester (COO of Sports England), William Rimington (Ethical Hacker, PwC), David Prosser (business journalist), and a keynote address by Calum Chase

The Century of Two Singularities

Artificial intelligence author Calum Chase delivered the keynote address at the Accountancy Salon on AI and professional ethics.

Unchaining the blockchain

Video highlights from the 20 June event, hosted in collaboration with the ICAEW IT Faculty and featuring Brett Scott, Cathy Mulligan and Patrick Spens

Philosophy for Accountancy

We filmed a short documentary about our pilot programme at Manchester Business School. The film captures reflections and insights from students and teachers and offers unique blend of candid conversations and discussions.

New Horizons for Accountancy

AuditFutures session at the World Congress of Accountants, Rome 2014

A short film about our inspiring collaboration with the Royal College of Art

Launch of our joint report with the Royal Society of Art

The magic of the first assembly

On 4 July 2012 we hosted our first AuditFutures assembly. It was kind of a magic…

Audit Slam Poetry

Audit-inspired slam poetry by Tim Merry at the First AuditFutures Assembly. 4 July 2012, London

I’ve got a little list

A poem by Malcolm Bacchus, inspired by and written for the First AuditFutures Assembly. With thanks to W. S. Gilbert, to the music, quite unsurprisingly, of Sir Arthur Sullivan.