FutureFirms Workshops


We ran some very interesting round-table discussions recently with employees and partners from major firms, and some great themes and questions are emerging, plus we got some great input and feedback relating to the future firms framework we are building. Some of the key takeaways that we have noted down from the sessions so far can be found on the Future Firms website.

Invitation: Future Firms workshops at ICAEW

We invite you to take part in one of the next two workshop on the future of the professional services firms. These two-hour session will bring together a wide range of people from a number of firms in an interactive discussion about how we can address the challenges our profession is facing and how can we reimagine our approach in the future. The workshops will be thought-provoking but with practical focus around a number of specific themes.

You can choose from any of the two sessions: Monday, 11 July from 12-2 or Thursday, 14 July from 4 to 6pm. To confirm your attendance, please email Martin Martinoff

Workshop Outline:

Introduction and context: how technological and societal changes are creating new challenges for professional services firms and overview on the changing nature of the industry.

Rethinking the future firm: how can accounting firms address these challenges and rethink what makes up their practical expertise in the 21 Century and how they organise to deliver their services.

Internalising challenges and building a defence: focus on how firms can create internal capacity to address the challenges discussed in various areas and how alternative approaches to structure, culture and processes help reshape the firm to be fit for purpose in a rapidly-changing business environment.

Discussion: what would you prioritise in assessing the future potential of your firm? How could resources and the Future Firm Framework from ICAEW support you on this journey?